Robo Advisor based on Bondora API

Annoyed by lousy loan selections and high defaults? Tired on complex filter rules? The Yakuza Robo Advisor offers you a loan selection based on Artificial Intelligence. It's calculated based on the Public Loans offered by Bondora. Data analysis and Portfolio management is based on Bondoras API - fully automated and without manual interaction!

Smart investments in P2P loans with Artificial Intelligence

How does it work?


Place your Settings for the Robo Advisor – it’s easy like Bondoras Portfolio Manager Pro! In addtion select your preferred AI curved and investments are starting!


Finished with Settings? Test them! The Robo Advisor will check the settings based on the public loans from the past and calculates the Performance values of the Investments.


Montior the Robo Advisor actions based on the Dashboard, Investment list and activities. This shows you the placed bids, late loans and defaults.


Investments are too slow? Defaults are too high? Adjust your Settings and the Yakuza Robo Advisor will rebalance it automatically.

Thoroughly tested?

Continue with the Authorization!

How to register Video Tutorial!


Server Uptime

Since this summer Bondora publishes their API availability. Therefore it’s easy to check communication problems first on this site. Seeing this I established also a Website via Uptime Robot. This shows my Server uptime regarding availability of the Websites and the corresponding Backend communicating with Bondora API. Both sites are accessible for via submenu Statistics! […]

Portfolio Overview – July 2018

Today let’s have a look how the Portfolio performed in July. The big picture shows no major changes to June. Loan maturity stays nearly the same, late loans decreased by 3,1%, from this 1,4% are current again but 1,7% are gone into default state. So the important performance number of defaults raised from 16,3% to […]

AI Characteristics August 2018

On time at the beginning of the month I’ll show you the values the AI is taken into account Changes from July to August Loans taken into account in July 28662 Dropped from time window 614 New in time window 1309 Loans taken into account in August 29357   The AI calculation has now additional […]

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