AI Dashboard

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The Lending Robot has a feature – its performing slow! Bondoras Portfilo Manager, Portfolio Manager Pro and Go &  Grow are investing into all available loans. That’s logic – if you want to invest into the best x % loans you need to reject 100 – x % of them! Nevertheless  I don’t feel good […]

GDPR adaptions

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The last weeks I dealt with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. To obey these rules some actions needs to be done. Just updating the Privacy Policy text isn’t enough. For your info the following steps are done to keep the maximum on privacy Google Fonts and WordPress Emojis switched off using the Autoptimize Plugin […]

Country Filters

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When I posted the Yakuza Lending Robot the first time into this P2P community in facebook I got many complains about missing filters. I know that services and private Investors are using the Bondora API to follow this pattern for loan selection. They want only real estate owners, select certain incomes and ages. But that’s […]

Loan defaults

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When talking about Bondora loan defaults are often a very hot topic. Especially in higher risk ratings there’s the feeling that many many loans are defaults. Is this true? Time to put the focus on this topic and check how default rates looks in the past. Therefore a new detailed default statistic is provided. This […]