Server Uptime

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Since this summer Bondora publishes their API availability. Therefore it’s easy to check communication problems first on this site. Seeing this I established also a Website via Uptime Robot. This shows my Server uptime regarding availability of the Websites and the corresponding Backend communicating with Bondora API. Both sites are accessible for via submenu Statistics! […]

Portfolio Overview – July 2018

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Today let’s have a look how the Portfolio performed in July. The big picture shows no major changes to June. Loan maturity stays nearly the same, late loans decreased by 3,1%, from this 1,4% are current again but 1,7% are gone into default state. So the important performance number of defaults raised from 16,3% to […]

Activites Mid of the Month

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Mid of the month for the majority of loans is payment day. For those investors who are re-investing this means besides principal payment the interest payment needs to be re-invested too. That’s the same for all Bondora investors. I recognized that this takes affect on actual biddings – Mid of the month the status “outbidded” […]