Server Uptime

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Since this summer Bondora publishes their API availability. Therefore it’s easy to check communication problems first on this site. Seeing this I established also a Website via Uptime Robot. This shows my Server uptime regarding availability of the Websites and the corresponding Backend communicating with Bondora API. Both sites are accessible for via submenu Statistics! […]

Portfolio Overview – July 2018

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Today let’s have a look how the Portfolio performed in July. The big picture shows no major changes to June. Loan maturity stays nearly the same, late loans decreased by 3,1%, from this 1,4% are current again but 1,7% are gone into default state. So the important performance number of defaults raised from 16,3% to […]

Activites Mid of the Month

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Mid of the month for the majority of loans is payment day. For those investors who are re-investing this means besides principal payment the interest payment needs to be re-invested too. That’s the same for all Bondora investors. I recognized that this takes affect on actual biddings – Mid of the month the status “outbidded” […]

AI characteristics July 2018

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On the first day each month the AI is calculated with a new time window. “Old” loans are dropping out of the window while “newer” loans” are coming in. I’m on holidays so far that’s why this topic isn’t automated yet. I’ll bring this development into the “Statistics” section in the next weeks. The actual […]

AI Dashboard

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The Lending Robot has a feature – its performing slow! Bondoras Portfilo Manager, Portfolio Manager Pro and Go &  Grow are investing into all available loans. That’s logic – if you want to invest into the best x % loans you need to reject 100 – x % of them! Nevertheless  I don’t feel good […]